Best jeans for big belly and skinny legs

Best jeans for chicks with a big belly and skinny legs

Find the denim that does right by your slender gams, but gives a bit of breathing room around your tummy.

You can always count on finding the perfect pair of jeans to be a pain in the ass. But add a thick waist and legs for days into the mix, and the search just got upgraded to a safari.

I'll give you tips for on to wear different style jeans to your advantage. But that's just for starters. My research will also reveal the pair of jeans for each style that are most highly raved by other chicks sharing the same yummy apple shape as you.

Big belly and skinny legs

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Did the haute list leave you wanting? Here's what's on deck.

LEARN THE ADVANTAGES Revel in your apple-shaped goodies.

DISCOVER YOUR BEST FEATURES Learn how you can use the different features of jeans to your advantage.

CHOOSE YOUR DENIM Which denim fabric you choose can make a huge difference.

PICK YOUR STYLE Know which style of jeans are your friends, enemies and frenemies.

AVOID THESE HARD FAILS When shopping for jeans, don't make these common mistakes.

Learn the Advantages

Revel in your apple-shaped goodies.

  • You've legs for days. You lucky bitch, you. Whether tall or short, you can thank your proportions for biasing perception in your gams favor.
  • Those gams stay skinny. For apple shape chicks, your thighs are the last to gain no matter how much weight you pack on.
  • Jeans glide right over your thighs. You may struggle to zip up from time to time. But you've never had to enter the battle to pull up jeans past your thighs.
  • You can rock the skinniest of skinny jeans. And still keep it classy.Your slender legs look all the better when all hugged up by denim.
  • You're in brilliant company. Drew Barrymore. Melissa Melissa McCarthy. Catherine Zeta Jones. Angelina Jolie. Tyra Banks. Yep. How do you like them apples?

Discover Your Best Features

Learn how you can use the different features of jeans to your advantage.


Rises are measured from the top of the waist to the crotch point. Longer rises are considered high, because they begin as high as your upper waist. Shorter rises are considered low and start just above your ass crack. If you're lucky.

For my sisters with thicker waists, you'll want to stick to mid-rise. High-rise adds bulk to the belly while low-rise tends to make a muffin top of the best tummy intentions.


If you're battling belly fat, go for a flat front jean. Extra fabric? Extra bulge. For a clean look forego the pockets.

If you can't live without the functionality, go for minimalist slit pockets in the front. Then go all out in the back. Pockets on your bum have a bonus feature of giving a flat backside a bit of a boost.


So many options and only seven days to play with 'em.

Want to elongate those already slender legs? Find jeans that have long vertical fades from thigh crease to ankle hem.

Are you more interested in balancing your top side with your bottom? Find jeans with fading from the knee down.

Want to add curves to your thighs and hips? Find a pair of strategic atari or whisker fades along the upper thighs.


Rips are a girl's best friend when it comes to customizing jeans for your body type. And since you've the proportions to carry it off, feel free to go bold with big, boxy rips that play well with your apple shape. For more details, check out How to rip jeans like a boss.

Choose Your Denim

Understand your denim fabrics before making a purchase.

Just like in-store dressing rooms, not all denim fabrics are created equal. And that’s a good thing. Different compositions, weights and colors can be used strategically. Before you put down a chunk of change, think about which the fabrics will do right by your apple.

100% Cotton

The classic. The tried and true. And often, the sturdiest.

That's a good thing if you want a fabric that will help you bring your jiggles to heel. Not so great if you want a bit of flexibility around the waistline. And don't forget, cotton shrinks. If the fit is tight in the store, it won't get any better after a round with the washing machine.

Cotton + Polyester

The good? With the addition of polyester, the overall composition becomes more wrinkle resistant.  The bad? It’s a cheaper material. Diluting cotton makes it more affordable. The ugly? Polyester doesn’t breathe. The higher the percentage, the more likely you are to smother those skinny legs.

But what does a cotton and polyester blend mean for apple-shaped chicks? It’s got a bit of spring to it. It may not breath, but it does keep its shape. The greater the percentage of polyester, the more confident you can be that the fabric will hold it's ground against belly fat.

Cotton + Polyester + Spandex

If polyester brings the durability, spandex brings the elasticity. Spandex is the ingredient that gives our jeans a touch softness and a touch of body molding. The higher the percentage of spandex, the greater the molding.

More so than polyester, spandex has the tendency to snap back. But be careful. You may want the cling when it comes to your thighs. But the snug fit might not be so welcomed around the tummy.



What the hell is it? Tencel is a fiber made from wood pulp. It’s more airy than cotton, but also more wrinkle resistant. I appreciate a good solid 100% cotton denim, but I love how Tencel handles my curves. Buy for the drape, not for the stretch.

For my apple shape sisters, if your seeking balance rather than elongation, or you're after a more work casual look, find a trouser jean made of this material.

Pick Your Style

Know which style of jeans are your friends, enemies and frenemies.

The Basics

Humor me. For a moment, don't think of jeans styles in terms of "best" and "worst". Think of styles has yielding the power to downplay in one hand and the power to showcase on in the other.

Some days you may want to downplay the belly. Other days, you may want to showcase those skinny legs. Below are the style recipes to give you one or the other. And sometimes both.

Skinny Jeans

Democracy Women's Ab Solution Crop Jeans

Want to rub those slender gams in everyone's face? Embrace the skinny jeans.

When selecting a skinny jean, you'll want to find the right balance between a heavier weight denim that'll give you tummy control and enough elasticity (think spandex) to cling to your legs in all the right places. A touch of polyester will ensure you don't end up with a baggy butt by the end of the day.

Be certain to watch the length of the inseam, as y'all tend to have longer legs. If the pair your purchasing is mostly cotton, you may want to go an inch longer to accomodate for shrinking.

Bootcut Jeans

Hudson Women's Love Midrise Bootcut Jeans

Mid-rise, bootcut jeans are the perfect storm. The sturdy mid-rise keeps the belly in check. The slim profile through the thighs enhances and elongates your legs. And the slight widening of the jean opening just below mid-calf brings balance to a heavier top side.

Go for a lighter denim blue coupled with a darker top, if you want to bring balance to your universe. Or, if you'd rather showcase your svelte, go darker on the denim and lighter on the top.

Straight Jeans

Rekucci Jeans Women's Ease in to Comfort Fit Jeans

If you're self conscious about your apple,straight jeans can be a classy compromise between the skinny jean and the more conservative trouser jean.

While it's power to showcase is not quite as strong as that of the skinny jean, the straight jean gives a lean silhouette that will compliment your leggy assets.

Boyfriend Jeans

True Religion Women's Audrey Midrise Jeans

Sometimes a chick just wants room to breath. The boyfriend jeans style of jeans will do right by your waist.

Be careful, however, to not go too baggy as you apple will lose all of its curves in the bulk. Instead, look for jeans with a slight taper for a more shapely look.

Trouser Jeans

NYDJ Women's Teresa Trouser Jeans

As a pear-shaped chick, I've much love for the trouser jean. But typically, this jean comes highly recommended for my apple-shaped sisters.

I'm not so sure about that.

Sure. If you're after balance, the wider thigh and generous calf will counter your top side and hide your skinny legs. Also the wider waist band of the trouser jeans works wonders on a Bloatday. However, more often than not, I find this style looks frumpy on apple shapes. Typically because the fit is baggy where it should be sleek. (Skinny gams strike again!) Give this style its fair consideration. But it the fit ain't right, feel free to ditch for a sleeker profile.

Cropped Jeans

Joe's Jeans Smith Straight Midrise Cuff Crop Jeans

For my shorter sisters, you'll want to be careful with this style as jeans cropped at mid-calf and above can steal away the little bit of height that you have.

But if you're tall or, you keep the crop below mid-calf, cropped jeans are all about showcasing your legs. Cropped jeans come in all flavors and styles, but for maximum flaunt, go for the skinny or straight jean.

Flared Jeans

Celebrity Pink Women's Mid Rise Flare Jeans

This is a trend that you can slay 10 times over. Flared jeans do one better than bootcut by cutting an even narrower swathe across your thigh and knee. Then just when you think this jean is all about showcasing, its flare starts higher than the bootcut just below the knee.

If you've got the courage to ride flower power, flared jeans is the ultimate showcase while also bringing balance to your topside.

Avoid These Hard Fails

When shopping for jeans, don't make these common mistakes.

  • Getting to the muffin top. Unless you like tummy overflow, skip the low rise jeans.
  • Trend sitting. Yes. High rise jeans are on the rise. But that doesn't mean they should sit in your closet. If you must, find a pair that minimizes your belly bulge. Think slit or no front pockets and zippers as opposed to buttons.
  • Don't yoke about it. For my bum-challenged sisters, the back yoke is your is friend. Just above the pockets, look for a v-shape or even better, a sweetheart yoke to give your curved-challenged cheeks a bit of shape.
  • Making excuses for tightwads. 100% cotton doesn't stretch. But it will shrink.If it feels tight around the waist in the store, it won't get better with time.
  • Denying the skinny. You can rock skinny jeans like no other body shape. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Shop it like it's hot

You now know the best jeans for chicks with a big belly and skinny legs.

Go forth. Shop. And when finished, do please circle back and share your denim candy!

Any questions? Anything that I missed? What's your favorite pair of jeans for apple shape bodies?

Janice, founder of Jeanius

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