Two tone jeans outfit by Jeanie Carolyn
Two tone jeans outfit by Jeanie Carolyn
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Two Tone Melody

Searching for two tone jeans outfit inspiration? Fashion blogger Carolyn shows us how to strike the right note when traveling with two tone jeans.


Hey, I'm Carolyn. I'm a photographer and fashion-lover based in Saratoga Springs, New York. I love cats, coffee, and anything with mountains. My heart is in the Adirondacks, but I love travel, and try to do so relatively stylishly!

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5’3 feet | 160 centimeters

115 pounds | 52 kilograms

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Two Tone Jeans Outfit

Here, I wore my jeans with this simple and comfortable sweater. Both are neutrals I can pair with any shoes or accessories and wear numerous ways, making it an ideal look for travel. I often strive to pack looks like this that I can mix match together. My neck scarf was a souvenir which has a similar texture to my belt buckle, and was the fun note of this look!


Fitting my waist is my biggest challenge - 99% of jeans leave me with a big gap in the back. I love belts, but I also need them so I don't give everybody my plumber's crack! If I size down, I often can't get the jeans over my thighs and hips. Stretchier denims are a must.

Two Tone Jeans Style Tip

Styling two-tone feels as easy as regular blue jeans! It just gives your outfit a little more oomph - or an edge it otherwise might lack. If one tone is feeling old and comfortable, try two!

Raw Hems Style Tip

I cuff almost all my jeans except these because they're actually the right length! I did not cut them myself, but I appreciate that the fronts are shorter than the backs, which is very nice for ankle boot lovers like myself!


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