Skinny jeans outfit by Jeanie Ninah
Skinny jeans outfit by Jeanie Ninah
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Jeanie in a Snow Globe

Searching for skinny jeans outfit inspiration? Fashion blogger Ninah gives us one last taste of winter and skinny jeans done right.


I'm Ninah! I hail from Paris and live here with my husband. I love traveling and sewing. And I share all these things and more on my blog!

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5’7 feet | 175 centimeters

254 pounds | 115 kilograms

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Skinny Jeans Outfit

I paired my skinny jeans with an oversize pullover for winter warmth. I love throwing a pair of skinny jeans under an oversized top. The combination gives a cool, casual look and is also super comfy!


The hardest part is to find a pair of jeans that fit my waist and my legs. I never know whether the waist will be too tight but at the same time not be too short to cover the length of my legs! Jean shopping is always a bit complicated.

Skinny Jeans Style Tip

I love to wear my skinny jeans with oversized tops or beautiful and flowing shirts. When it comes to skinnies, I prefer to wear high waisted skinny jeans, as they are more elegant and I can wear my tops in or out my jeans. The big mistake is to wear a skinny jean with a skinny top. Keep the skinny jean classy by leaving something to the imagination!


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