Skinny jeans and boots outfit of the day by Jeanie Jenny

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Boot Camp

Searching for skinny jeans and boots outfit inspiration? Style blogger Jenny takes us to denim boot camp.


I'm Jenny, and I have a passion for affordable fashion! I am based in SoCal and love to travel to NY and The Bay Area. You can usually catch me in thrift stores, taking photos or reading a good book. I love unique streetwear and styling my outfits in unique ways.

Body Stats

5'8 | 173 centimeters

168 pounds | 76 kilograms

Body Shape





Skinny Jeans and Boots Outfit

Here, I wore my jeans with a tee and oversized Mens Jacket. I love dressing in Urban Streetwear and thought a pair of Tim's would complete the outfit. Ripped Jeans always add a little flare to any outfit and can be worn so many different ways.


Jeans fitting my thick legs and smaller waist is the biggest challenge. Most of the time jeans will fit my legs and not my waist. Or I won't even be able to get them over my knees. Stretchy denim and wide-legged denim are my go-to. I also struggle with finding pants that fit in length. (I am more legs than torso.) If the company has an option for "Long" I am all in!

Ripped Skinny Jeans Style Tip

Typically styling ripped jeans is an easy task. I think the only time you can go wrong is if you pair ripped jeans with a ripped shirt... It looks a little "End-of-World/MadMax" for my taste.


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