Jeans and a nice tee outfit of the day by Jeanie Lauren

Banana Shape

Tee Up

Searching for jeans and a nice tee inspiration? Fashion blogger Lauren gives us blithely chic with a dose of denim on denim.


I'm Lauren, and I'm a travel and fashion blogger from the UK!

Body Stats

5’7 feet | 174 centimeters

154 pounds | 70 kilograms

Body Shape


New Look

Washed Skinny Jeans


Jeans and a Nice Tee Outfit

I created this look wearing a basic tee with a black denim jacket. You can make any outfit better by adding jackets or accessories such as belts to just finish a look off. Belts also help to create a smaller waist look on high waisted jeans. If you are tall like me, I always recommend rolling the jeans up at the bottom as they always seem to look too short on me otherwise!


My battle point is my muffin top; unless it's got a high waist I will not be wearing it as it just does not flatter me at all!

Skinny Jeans Style Tip

My style tip is to pick styles that suit your body shape; if you're like me and have those dreaded muffin tops, opt for a high waist - trust me it's a life saver!


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