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Shopping for jeans shouldn't be a pain in the ass.
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Denim on denim outfit by Jeanie Vlada

{Jeans Outfits} Denim on Denim Riptease

Denim on denim outfit by Jeanie Vlada
Denim on denim outfit by Jeanie Vlada


Fashion blogger Vlada gives us denim on denim action with a side of ripped jeans done right!


My name is Vlada! I’m from Kiev, Ukraine and now live in Los Angeles. I am big fan of makeup, transformations and a huge fan of movies!

Body Stats

Height: 5’4 inches | 165 centimeters

Weight: 121 pounds | 55 kilograms

Body Shape: Hourglass

Denim on Denim Jeans Outfit

I’m wearing ripped jeans, a black crop top and denim jacket. An everyday kind of sexy, without being vulgar.


Brand: Bershka

Style: Unknown

Size: 36


Most of the jeans my size are too long, so I need to cuff ’em or cut ’em. I’m also not a fan when jeans are too tight-fitting around the inner thigh near the honey pot. Not cool.

Denim on Denim Style Tip

Both denim jeans and a denim jean jacket are irreplaceable in my wardrobe. So why not try combining them? Don’t be afraid to match different colors of denim. Blue on blue is always pretty!


Want more of this Jeanie? Find Vlada on Instagram.