Bootcut jeans outfit by Jeanie Monika
Bootcut jeans outfit by Jeanie Monika
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Earned her Stripes

Searching for bootcut jeans outfit inspiration? Fashion blogger Monika proves she's earned her fashion stripes.


Hello, I'm Monika, I hail from Poland. I love beauty and I search for it everywhere – in fashion, interior design, cosmetics, nature, architecture and above all, in other human beings. A few months ago, I discovered I'm pregnant! So I’m trying to go through maternity with style. But the bigger challenge will be to give all my love to my baby, but not lose myself in everyday routines. I'm committed to staying passionate and active. I share these thoughts and more about style on my personal blog, Tiger in the Flowers.

Body Stats

5'6 feet | 168 centimeters

126 pounds | 57 kilograms

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36 (EUR)

Bootcut Jeans Outfit

The idea behind this outfit was simple. To create a classy and effortless boho look. I wanted to keep it elegant by using only four neutral colors: black, white, denim and beige. And I love playing with the forms and textures. With this outfit I flirted with a faux fur jacket, large belt and bucket bag.


I find buying a new pair of jeans the hardest thing ever! It takes me a lot of time to find a good pair. When trying on jeans, I always find myself thinking that my hips are too large and my thighs are too big. So I try to cheat a little bit by wearing high heels when possible – it makes me taller, slimmer and more proportional.

Bootcut Jeans Style Tip

Bootcut jeans are very feminine, but also tricky to wear. Too short can make the figure disproportionate, almost caricatured. And if too long? The jeans drag along the ground, giving a heaviness to the silhouette that is simply unsightly. Ideally, you'll find a pair that almost touches the ground and when you wear it with the high-heeled shoes --- it will slim and visually lengthen your legs.


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