How to rip jeans in the knees

How to Rip Jeans in the Knees

Learn how to rip jeans in the knees! Consider this your DIY quick guide - 9 easy steps - to cut knee holes in your jeans.

How to cut holes in the knees of your jeans

This how-to gets you into the action of ripping your jeans at the knees with all due haste. If you prefer a deep dive into distressing your jeans, check out my definitive guide, How to Rip Jeans Like a Boss. I cover everything from different denim fabrics to customization techniques to compliment your body shape!

Gather Your Tools

Now that you know the stpes, here's what you need to rip your jeans in the knees.

  • Chalk. An essential. Especially if working with skinny jeans. Use this tool to mark up your game plan. 
  • Tape measure. To keep you a safe distance from the inner and outer seams, stop rips about a half to one inch from the stitching.
  • Cutting board or cardboard. To prevent unintended rips on the back side of the knees, use an insert to ensure you're only cutting where intended.
  • Razor. If you want to age the rips you've made in the knees, you'll want a razor on stand-by for fray the holes. 
  • Scissors. A pen knife is better for a precision cut. But scissors will do if that's what you have lying around. Keep in mind, the heavier the denim fabric, the tougher your scissors will need to be.  

If you're craftsy and like to play, thee's a sh*t-ton more of tools you can bring to the playground. Here’s what’s in my toolkit.

Seem like too much damn work? Don't worry. I've got you covered. Check out my list of best ripped jeans online according to body type here.

You now know the basics to rip jeans in the knees.

Not yet satisfied? Want more details? How to Rip Jeans Like a Boss is your jam. Once you've ripped a new one, do please circle back and share your denim candy!

Any questions about the steps? Let me have 'em in the comments.

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