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Shopping for jeans shouldn't be a pain in the ass.
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The Struggle

Have you ever shopped for jeans online?

If yes, what’s the first thing you do when you find a pair of jeans you think have potential? I always check the reviews. But it’s not a casual perusal. I’m on a mission to find the holy grail: a chick who shares your same weight, same height as well as same body type and gives a thorough review.

Yes. Virtual reality are augmented reality are fab, if and when they work. Cloning my thigh struggles ain’t gonna be easy.

But I’ll trust a chick who shares my same battles over a simulation all day, every day. Especially if said chick includes evidence by way of photos in the jeans.

I’m not alone in the jean shopping struggle. After a bit of research, I discovered over 80% of jean reviews by womxn include at least one reference to height, weight or body type.

The Journey

The question that’s worked my nerves for years, compelled me to find an answer.

Why do I spend hours, sometime days, sifting through thousands of reviews to find womxn with body stats that match my own?

A few years ago, I submitted suggestions to giant e-commerce sites like Amazon and Zappos. Nada. No response. Then I upgraded to complaints. Still crickets. Although these sites have massive amounts of data to make my jean shopping a breeze, they were motivated to do nary a thing about it.

I’ve my theories. Too many boys in tech. Too much love for the bottom line and not enough for customer. But in the end, I said to hell with the theories. I’ll solve my own damn problem.

Motivated, I applied to Ada Developers Academy, a fellowship that transforms badass chicks into badass chicks who code, and got in. Within a year, I was hired as  a Software Development Engineer, working for one of the top technology companies in the world!

The Solution

I never forgot my dream.

I’m in the final stages of building an app that will recommend the best jeans for me based on what worked for other chicks who share my same height, weight and body shape. I’d be thrilled if my app were able to help other women end their struggles, too!

If your share my same jean woes and would be keen to give this app a try, I’d love to for you to be a beta tester. In the meantime, I’m having a blast parsing thousands of reviews, dissecting the data and writing articles that help women find their perfect pair of jeans.

My Commitment

No funny business.

I’d love to keep the app, and this site,  free to use and free of spammy ads. Consequently, I’m giving affiliate links a try. Meaning if you click a pair of jeans that takes you to Amazon, I’ll receive a commission if you buy those jeans. But don’t worry. The price shown doesn’t increase if you click one of these links. The chunk of change comes out of Amazon’s pocket, not yours!

Most important, I’ll never treat you like a product. The information you share with me, will stay with me. That’s a promise.

Welcome to Jeanius

Make yourself at home. Find the perfect pair of jeans.

That’s the start of my story. It won’t end until shopping for jeans is no longer a pain in the ass.

Janice at Jeanius

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